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Are we Discussing a Unitary Court of Appeals or Not?

I very much enjoyed reading Mr. Ziff’s article on Arnold and horizontal stare decisis in the Court of Appeals [“When Precedent Lacks Power, Make the Judge Want to Decide in Your Favor,” June Bar News]. It is a helpful review of the impact of the Arnold decision. However, a more common problem for us is the prevalent belief among lawyers and judges that the Court of Appeals decisions are only binding on the trial courts that sit in the geographic division from which the decision issued. In my experience, trial courts outside of Division I seem particularly prone to this mistaken assumption that those decisions out of Division I are not binding on them. Although there is no authority for this idea, and it is contradicted by the idea of a unitary Court of Appeals, Mr. Ziff’s hypothetical to consider when “you’re in the enviable position of having a clear precedential decision from the division of the Court of Appeals that covers your superior court” suggests that a trial court doesn’t need to follow the other two divisions. If it is a unitary court, does it matter where your trial court sits? It should not, but until one of the courts speaks clearly about this problem the belief is likely to persist.

Scott Crain, Seattle

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Over this past summer we asked WSBA members on social media to share their work-from-home coworkers, and you can check out these pawsitvely hard-working legal professionals at wabarnews.org/2022/12/14/furry-friends-of-bar-news/. You can still share a pic of your furry coworker: email wabarnews@wsba.org.