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On Wokeness

I think I know why those who don’t want to hear about the reality of historical and current experiences caused by both systemic (repeated) discriminatory actions and reactions that are chronic and/or acute label the more open-minded as being “woke.” It is rhetoric driven by spite and spin. I am referring to the Letters to the Editor in March 2023 issue of Bar News.

I take the word “woke” to mean, in fact, the opposite of being asleep. The only thing that is anti-capitalist is the way capitalism is run these days, causing people to question, “What is in it for me?” A society that isn’t run by the masses for the masses tends to grind away into oblivion. What we have, in fact, is an elitism agenda and the source where the anti-tax rhetoric started. The concentration of wealth in a small percentage at the top grows exponentially while those who question the status quo, defined as hoarding economic wealth and opportunity, are villainized.

For example, Indian land set aside for the tribes and tribal members under contract and treaty was stolen—vast areas appearing to have “marketable title” are so only as a matter of paper, not title. This and other involuntary sacrifices aren’t figments of imagination and are borne by just certain parts of society—without as much as a kiss or “thank you.”

The WSBA and the “justice system” don’t need to apologize for becoming or being awake. Those who don’t like it can move to one of those 20 states that prefer being asleep and head in the sand.  

Helen Nowlin


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