Oct. 2023 > In Remembrance

This In Remembrance section lists WSBA members by Bar number and date of death. The list is not complete and contains only those notices of which the WSBA has learned through correspondence from members. When available, obituaries are linked below.

Please email notices and requests to link obituaries to wabarnews@wsba.org.

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Mary Ann Barkshire, #12576, 3/12/2023

Robert Laurier Brousseau, #4844, 8/13/2023

Nicholas Francis Corning, #4586, 8/19/2023

Thomas Phillip Graham, #3243, 7/31/2023

Gregory Ross Harris, #12030, 8/9/2023

Thomas Jaffe, #5210, 6/8/2023

Steven W. Kim, #31051, 7/14/2023

Douglas Wight McQuaid, #4732, 7/23/2023

Benjamin Nichols, #23006, 5/19/2023

James Edward O’Donnell, #20010, 9/10/2023

Gary N. Utigard, #9715, 7/28/2023

Barbara Harper


Barbara Harper was the director of the Lawyer’s Assistance Services Department (LASD) at the WSBA from 1987 to 2010. She oversaw four programs dedicated to helping Washington lawyers: the Lawyer’s Assistance Program, the Law Office Management Program (LOMAP), the Professional Responsibility Program (PRP-Ethics Line), and the Fee Arbitration and Mediation Program. In addition to her work with the WSBA, Harper played a vital role advocating for lawyer well-being nationally through the ABA’s Commission on Lawyers Assistance Programs (COLAP), even hosting the national conference in Washington. Former colleagues describe Harper as someone who treated everyone with kindness, warmth, and empathy. She was proud of the people who worked in her department and remembered them long after they had moved on to other departments or professional roles elsewhere. Harper was also known to have great style, to love photography, and to speak often about her grandchildren.