The Class of ’72

The WSBA acknowledges and honors 50-year members
1972 Class (from front to back)
Row 1 (L-R): Steve Busick, Michael Stevenson, Robert Taub, Karl Ege, Mel Simburg, Malcolm Harris, Daniel Berschauer, Judy Young, Donald Elliott. Row 2 (L-R): Richard Blacklow, Fredric Reed, Clark Puntigam, Rochelle Kleinberg, Tom Bigsby, Robert Adolph, Michael Withey, Keith Kessler. Row 3 (L-R): Kevin Kirkevold, H. Daniel Austad, Douglas McQuaid, Steve Fredrickson, Brian Scott, John Strait, William Oltman, John Leque, Jay Causey. Row 4 (L-R): Jane Ann McKenzie, James Jory Jr., Arthur McGarry, James Purcell, Sandra Bates Gay, Tom Malone, Joseph Nappi Jr., William Davis, Susan Allen. Row 5 (L-R): Allen McKenzie, Charles Burns, Paul Roesch, Kinne Hawes, Daniel Glenn, William Coats, David Thorner, Karl Tegland, Dale Galvin, Chuck Henry.

On Aug. 18, overlooking Shilshole Bay and Puget Sound beyond, where paddleboarders and tugboats slid by on a sunny afternoon, the WSBA gathered to honor the class of 1972 and those legal professionals who began practicing 50 years ago.

“It’s quite an incredible record of service to so many residents of this state,” said then-WSBA President Hon. Brian Tollefson (Ret.), speaking to the audience that had come together at the Sunset Bay Lodge at Ballard Elks to celebrate the WSBA 50-Year Member Tribute Luncheon 2022. “The Bar has a rich history and you are all a part of that history. Looking back, one has to appreciate the founders of our great State Bar, and their vision for our profession in this state.”

In 1972, approximately 180 WSBA members joined the Bar and began practicing law. Together, the 47 who attended the event represented 2,350 years of service to the public and the profession.

“I have been practicing law for close to 50 years, and the one thing we all know is that change is constant, in our society and in our profession,” Tollefson said. “But one thing that I believe hasn’t changed is our commitment to maintaining a noble profession—one founded on serving the public—a profession we can remain proud of for many anniversaries to come.”

Also in attendance were WSBA staff and members of the WSBA executive management team, alongside Past-President Kyle Sciuchetti, District 3 Governor Lauren Boyd, District 7-North Governor Matthew Dresden, District 8 Governor Brent Williams-Ruth, and District 9 Governor-Elect Kevin Fay. Washington Supreme Court Justice Sheryl Gordon McCloud also spoke at the event.

Dressed resplendently in iridescent purple, with a shock of red in her hair, and equally funky sneakers, Justice McCloud spoke of the state of the profession and the law today, its past, and the gratitude she felt for the members and their many contributions.

“I’m interested in where we came from; I’m so interested in where we’re going as well …,” McCloud said. “Thank you for using your broad historical perspective to build our courts, to build our law schools, to build our legal organizations.” 

A video of the 50-Year Member Tribute Luncheon can be found on the WSBA YouTube channel,

What Happened in 1972?

In the News
  • The California Supreme Court voids the state’s death penalty and commutes all death sentences to life in prison.
  • President Richard Nixon visits the People’s Republic of China and meets with Mao Zedong.
  • Watergate co-conspirators attempt, but fail, the first infiltration at the DNC headquarters with the “Ameritas dinner” break-in. They also fail at a second break-in attempt. 
  • Congress votes to send the Equal Rights Amendment to states for ratification.
  • The Minnesota Supreme Court, in Baker v. Nelson, rules that a state law preventing same-sex marriage is constitutional.
  • Former President Harry S. Truman dies.
Science & Technology
  • One of the largest solar flares ever recorded knocks out cable lines in the U.S.
  • The U.S. launches the first Earth resources satellite, Landsat 1.
  • The Mariner 9 robotic spacecraft, the first spacecraft to orbit another planet, sends pictures from Mars.
  • The Pioneer 10 spacecraft becomes the first artificial satellite to leave the solar system.
Arts & Culture
  • HBO launches as a pay-television service.
  • Bobby Fischer becomes the first American chess champion after defeating Boris Spassky at a chess match in Reykjavik.
  • Milwaukee police arrest comedian George Carlin for public obscenity over his performance of “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television.”
  • The Godfather, which would go on to win three Academy Awards, including Best Picture, is released in the U.S.
  • The Oakland Athletics beat the Cincinnati Reds to win their sixth World Series title.
Around the State
  • The Northwest Folklife Festival debuts.
  • The North Cascades Highway is completed.
  • A devastating tornado strikes Vancouver and becomes the deadliest tornado in the state. 
  • A new law school at the University of Puget Sound opens its doors to 200 students.
At the WSBA
  • The Board of Governors, citing increasing financial obligations and responsibilities, votes to increase license fees by 60 percent, from $50 to $80.
  • The Board of Governors recommends the Washington Supreme Court add three “laymen” to the WSBA Disciplinary Board then, in a later 5-2 vote, withdraws that recommendation.
  • The Bar begins forming the nonprofit corporation, Prepaid Legal Services, Inc., “to provide group, prepaid legal services in our state.”

50-Year Members Not Pictured Above

Some honorees could not attend this year’s celebration and are therefore not pictured above. Those 50-year members are listed below.

  • Mark Harris Adams
  • Abraham Albert Arditi
  • John Leslie Austin III
  • Howard Roy Bartlett
  • Marsha L. Beck
  • Richard Robert Beresford
  • William Lawrence Bishop Jr.
  • Roger Wesley Boardman
  • Jerry K. Boyd
  • Hon. Philip H. Brandt
  • Dean Ralph Brett
  • John Henry Browne
  • Dennis Anthony Calfee
  • James Elery Carroll
  • Stephen Kirkpatrick Causseaux Jr.
  • Hon. Steven Michael Clough
  • Ronald L. Coleman
  • Nicholas F. Corning
  • William Matterson Crawford
  • Robert Tibor Czeisler
  • Brian Dano
  • Thomas Randolph Dreiling
  • William L.E. Dussault
  • James Daniel Dwyer
  • William Dirker Ehlert
  • Darrel Richard Ellis
  • Joseph Paul Enbody
  • Bruce Harvey Erickson
  • Hon. Roger Michael Fisher
  • Michael F. Fitch
  • Bruce Patrick Flynn
  • James Woodford Frits
  • Joseph Michael Gaffney
  • Hon. Brian D. Gain
  • Glen P. Garrison
  • Francis J. Gebhardt
  • Michael William Grainey
  • David Clark Groff Jr.
  • Michael L. Hall
  • Col. Keith Hamack
  • Jonathan C. Hatch
  • Karl David Haugh
  • G. Patrick Healy
  • Gail Kent Holden
  • Arnold Stephen Jaffe
  • R. Bruce Johnston
  • Donald Gene Kari
  • Kenneth S. Kessler
  • Randall Harrison Kramer
  • Gilbert Henry Levy
  • Gregory L. Lutcher
  • Dana Chris Madsen
  • John B. Magee Jr.
  • George Albert Marlton
  • Richard Lawrence Martens
  • Norman L. Martin
  • D. Douglas Matson
  • Terrence F. McCarthy
  • Henry Gose McCleary Jr.
  • James P. McGowan
  • Robert Malcolm McIntosh
  • Richard Walters Miller
  • Robert Gordon Mullendore
  • Roger Allen Myklebust
  • Marshall J. Nelson
  • George Rector Nethercutt Jr.
  • Douglas Noel Owens
  • Ralph Howard Palumbo
  • Clayton C. Patrick
  • John Thomas Petrie
  • Richard Platte
  • Thomas Martin Rasmussen
  • Rodney Reinbold
  • Geoffrey George Revelle
  • Craig Andrew Ritchie
  • Randall Rubenstein
  • James Schermer
  • Irwin H. Schwartz
  • James Lawrence Sellers
  • Larry L. Setchell
  • Hon. Benjamin Hale Settle
  • Michael Leonard Shoen
  • James R. Silva
  • Martin T. Silver
  • Randall Lee Stamper
  • Arthur Ellis Thomas
  • J. Steven Thomas
  • Lawrence Hayden Thompson Jr.
  • Diana F. Thompson
  • Lawrence Lee Tracy
  • Thomas Alan Waite
  • David Armstrong Webber
  • Jay Vincent White
  • Terence R. Whitten
  • Donald C. Woodworth