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2023 License Renewal and Sections Information

License renewal is now paperless (online only). Online licensing will open in November and must be completed by Feb. 1, 2023.License renewal includes paying the annual license fee and any mandatory assessments, certifying MCLE compliance, completing the trust account declaration, and disclosing professional liability insurance or financial responsibility. Pay online via credit card or electronic funds transfer, or print an invoice to mail in with a check.

Certify MCLE compliance. If you are in the 2020-2022 reporting period, then you are due to report CLE credits and certify MCLE compliance. The deadline for completing credits is Dec. 31, 2022. The certification must be completed online by Feb. 1, 2023. Visit www.wsba.org/MCLE to learn more.

License fee payment plan option available. If you are experiencing financial challenges, you may contact us about our payment plan option available to all licensed legal professionals. Payments may be made in up to five installments with the balance required to be paid in full by Feb. 1, 2023. A license fee hardship exemption is available for active licensed legal professionals who qualify. Visit http://www.wsba.org/licensing to learn more.

Voluntary demographic information. Please update your information at licensing.wsba.org when online licensing opens in November. This information assists the WSBA in understanding the demographic makeup of our licensed legal professionals. Note: Some response options have changed.

Join or renew your Section membership. The Section membership year is Jan. 1–Dec. 31. Visit http://www.wsba.org/legal-community/sections/sections to learn more.

Pro bono status. If you are considering going inactive, pro bono status (formerly known as emeritus pro bono status) is a great alternative that lets you provide pro bono services through a Qualified Legal Service Provider (QLSP). The license fee will be waived for pro bono status members who completed at least 30 hours of pro bono service with a QLSP in the prior year. Visit www.wsba.org/for-legal-professionals/license-renewal/status-changes/emeritus-pro-bono-membership-and-return-to-active-membership.

Judicial status. Please note that you are required to inform the Bar within 10 days of your retirement or your ineligibility for Judicial status (and you must apply to change to another status or to resign). Visit http://www.wsba.org/licensing to learn more.

Important Dates

  • Dec. 31, 2022: Licensed legal professionals in the 2020-2022 reporting period must complete required MCLE credits.
  • Feb. 1, 2023: Deadline for requesting a license fee hardship exemption.
  • Feb. 1, 2023: License renewal, payment(s) and MCLE certification, if applicable, must be completed online.

Help Fill the Moderate Means Legal Need

The statewide Moderate Means Program serves moderate income clients through a network of attorneys and limited license legal technicians who offer assistance in family, housing, consumer, and unemployment law cases at reduced fees scaled to the client’s income. There is an urgent need for legal professionals to serve. Visit www.wsba.org/connect-serve/pro-bono-public-service/mmp for more information and join now through your myWSBA account, www.mywsba.org.

New Office Hours

The WSBA’s office hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. These are the times in which our service representatives will staff the main phone lines and the reception desk. If you need to speak in person to a particular WSBA employee, please make an appointment; they will not be available on site for drop-in visitors. Visit www.wsba.org/about-wsba/contact-us for more information.

Engage With WSBA Leaders

The Member Engagement Council, which seeks member input and involvement in decision-making processes, wants to hear from you! The first agenda item of each meeting (the first Thursday of each month from 1-3 p.m. via Zoom) is reserved for member comments. All topics are welcome. Visit the events calendar at www.wsba.org for more information.

Follow Board Meetings and Submit Feedback

Join the Board meeting notice subscription list to receive WSBA Board of Governors meeting notices straight to your inbox! To join, email barleaders@wsba.org or complete the form at www.wsba.org/about-wsba/who-we-are/board-of-governors. Send your feedback to boardfeedback@wsba.org. Please note that all WSBA emails are subject to public records requests.


Volunteer With the WSBA

The Board of Governors is seeking applications to serve on one of the WSBA’s many committees, boards, and councils. Take a moment to learn about the various volunteer opportunities and find the one that matches your skills and interests. Visit www.wsba.org/volunteer.

Volunteer With the Lawyer Discipline System

Learn more about volunteering as an adjunct disciplinary counsel (ADC). ADCs assist as needed in carrying out the functions of the lawyer discipline system pursuant to Rule 2.9 of the Rules for Enforcement of Lawyer Conduct. Visit http://www.wsba.org/adc-panel or contact rachela@wsba.org to learn more.


Check Out the DEI Resource Library

The DEI Resource Library is where WSBA members can learn more about diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts. There are compiled resource lists, books, and articles on the criminal legal system, identity and intersectionality, microaggressions/bias, and race. Visit www.wsba.org/about-wsba/equity-and-inclusion/dei-resource-library.

Practice Guides Available

Access two practice guides—”The Law Firm Guide to Document Retention” and “The Law Firm Guide to Disaster Planning and Recovery”—as well as other law firm guides and templates at www.wsba.org/guides.

Career Consultation

Get help with your résumé, networking tips, and more—www.wsba.org/for-legal-professionals/member-support/wellness/consultation—or email wellness@wsba.org.

Free Consultations and Practice-Management Assistance

The WSBA offers free resources and education on practice management issues. For more information, visit http://www.wsba.org/pma. You can also schedule a free phone consultation with a WSBA practice-management advisor. Visit http://www.wsba.org/consult to get started.

Lending Library

The WSBA Lending Library is open to members for both in-person and online checkouts. We have made a few changes to be aware of. For more information, visit http://www.wsba.org/library or email lendinglibrary@wsba.org.

Work at the WSBA

Interested in joining the WSBA team? Current openings include: Deputy Executive Director, MCLE Analyst, Member Wellness Clinical and Outreach Lead, and Sections Program Coordinator. Visit
www.wsba.org/career-center/work-at-the-wsba to learn more.


Ethics Line

Members facing ethical dilemmas can talk with WSBA professional responsibility counsel for informal guidance. Learn more at www.wsba.org/for-legal-professionals/ethics/ethics-line or call the Ethics Line at 206-727-8284.

WSBA Advisory Opinions

WSBA advisory opinions are available online at www.wsba.org/for-legal-professionals/ethics/about-advisory-opinions. For assistance, call the Ethics Line at 206-727-8284.


Telehealth is Here!

The Member Wellness Program is now offering hi-def, HIPAA-protected video consultations using the telehealth portal Doxy.me. Visit www.wsba.org/for-legal-professionals/member-support/wellness and click “Book Your Initial Consultation” to schedule time with our licensed providers.

Judges Need Help Too

The Judicial Assistance and Services Program (JASP) provides confidential support for judges, or those who are concerned about a judge. Contact Susanna Kanther, Psy.D., at 415-572-3803. Visit www.wsba.org/for-legal-professionals/member-support/wellness/judicial-assistance-service-program.

The ‘Unbar’ Alcoholics Anonymous Group

The Washington Unbar Alcoholics Anonymous group for legal professionals has been meeting regularly for almost 30 years. The group meets Wednesdays, 12:15–1:30 p.m., and Sundays, 7–8 p.m. Currently, the group meets online via Zoom, and attorneys from all over Washington participate. For more information and Zoom credentials contact unbarwa@gmail.com.


New Lawyers List Serve

This list serve is a discussion platform for new lawyers of the WSBA. To join, email newmembers@wsba.org.

ALPS Attorney Match

Attorney Match is a free online networking tool made available through the WSBA-endorsed professional liability partner, ALPS. Learn more at www.wsba.org/connect-serve/mentorship/find-your-mentor, or email mentorlink@wsba.org.


October 2022 Usury

The usury rate for October 2022 is 12.00%. The interest rate required by RCW 4.56.110(3)(a) and 4.56.115 for Oct. 2022 is 5.42%. The interest rate required by RCW 4.56.110(3)(b) and 4.56.111 for Oct. 2022 is 7.50%.