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This In Remembrance section lists WSBA members by Bar number and date of death. The list is not complete and contains only those notices of which the WSBA has learned through correspondence from members. 

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Mary E. Fairhurst

#14784, 12/28/2021

. . .

A retired Chief Justice of the Washington Supreme Court, Mary Fairhurst was a legal luminary and ferocious advocate for justice. She served on the state Supreme Court from 2003 to 2020.

Last March, the WSBA honored Justice Fairhurst with a resolution about her distinguished career and impact on the state Bar and legal profession. Among other achievements, it recognized Justice Fairhurst’s efforts to expand legal opportunities for women and minorities; to ensure access to justice for all Washingtonians; to always serve and look out for the public welfare; and, not least, to uphold the integrity of the legal profession through thousands of hours volunteered with the WSBA. Those included serving as the WSBA president from 1997-1998—as only the second woman to do so, at that time—as well as on the Board of Governors, Council for Public Education, and many other committees and initiatives.

Justice Fairhurst received the WSBA’s APEX Award of Merit in 2011, which is the state Bar’s highest honor given for long-term service to the Bar and the public. “Throughout her career, Justice Fairhurst has worked to enhance opportunities for women and minorities in the profession and to ensure access to justice for low-income individuals and families,” her nomination stated. “She worked on the constitutional amendment to increase the rights of crime victims while still honoring the constitutional rights of the accused. She organized the first statewide conferences on domestic violence. She planned and facilitated a youth violence summit and organized and moderated conferences dealing with sex offenders in the community.”

Simply, Justice Fairhurst was a force of good for the WSBA and the extended legal community. She was also an unwavering beacon of love and compassion and a friend to all who came into her life.

Justice Fairhurst died surrounded by her family on Dec. 28, 2021, at age 64 after a years’-long battle with cancer.

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