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I look forward to reviewing Bar News each month. Typically I enjoy reading the excellent articles on the law submitted by our attorneys and skimming the letters to the editor and other articles to see what’s happening with the Bar. This month [October 2021] I was very disappointed to find no letters to the editor and only one article with any discussion of a substantive legal issue, “Ethics and the Law” (pp. 20-23).

I hope this changes for future editions and that we see active solicitation on the part of the Bar News [staff] seeking articles on substantive legal issues for submission from our Bar colleagues.

Nancy Whitten, Sammamish

Letters to the editor published in Bar News must respond to content presented in the magazine and also comply with Washington General Rule 12.2 and Keller v. State Bar of California, 496 U.S. 1 (1990).* Bar News may limit the number of letters published based on available space in a particular issue and, if many letters are received in response to a specific piece in the magazine, may select letters that provide differing viewpoints to publish. Bar News does not publish anonymous letters or more than one letter from the same contributor per issue. All letters are subject to editing for length, clarity, civility, and grammatical accuracy.
*GR 12.2(c) states that the WSBA is not authorized to “(1) Take positions on issues concerning the politics or social positions of foreign nations; (2) Take positions on political or social issues which do not relate to or affect the practice of law or the administration of justice; or (3) Support or oppose, in an election, candidates for public office.” In Keller v. State Bar of California, the Court ruled that a bar association may not use mandatory member fees to support political or ideological activities that are not reasonably related to the regulation of the legal profession or improving the quality of legal services.