Double Header: 50-Year Member Celebration

The WSBA honors two classes of 50-year members at T-Mobile Park

1971, 50-Year Members
1971 Class. Row 1 (L-R): Thomas Harding Wolfendale, Robert Inlow Stier, Ronald Alan Franz, Rodney Jay Waldbaum, Thomas Huber Grimm, William Ray McCann, Dale W. Read Jr., Guy Myers Glenn, Carole V. Coe-Hauskins Row 2 (L-R): Lawrence Lee Longfelder, Edward Robert Skone, James Jay Stonier, Robert Arthur McSorley, Larry Carl Leonardson, Frederick Ross Boundy, Patrick Leonard Brock, Ralph John Rodamaker Row 3 (L-R): Ernest D. Greco, William Vance Baumgartner, Henry E. Lippek, David Stuart McEachran Row 4 (L-R): Joel Benoliel, Alan Alhadeff, Brian Jay Kremen, C. Scott East, David Wharry Schiffrin, Larry Jerome Couture. (Find the full list of 1971 50-year members below.)


On Aug. 25, about 60 WSBA members came to be honored for the achievement of practicing law for 50 years. Representing a combined 3,000 years of service to the public and the legal profession, the 50-year members celebrated their achievement at T-Mobile Park in Seattle.

The celebration was held for members who joined the Bar in 1971 as well as 1970, as the latter group was unable to attend a celebration in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions. All attendees were asked to wear masks and provide proof of vaccination prior to entry, in line with recent orders by the Washington Supreme Court.

Speakers such as Washington Supreme Court Chief Justice Steven C. González, Seattle Mariners Executive Vice President and General Counsel Fred Rivera, and then-WSBA President Kyle Sciuchetti praised the members for their commitment and spoke of their many accomplishments over the past five decades. Members of the Board of Governors were also in attendance, including then-President-Elect Judge Brian Tollefson (Ret.), District 8 Governor Brent Williams-Ruth, District 10 Governor Tom McBride, and At-Large Governor-Elect Jordan Couch; as well as WSBA staff and members of the executive leadership team.

1970, 50-year members
1970 Class. Row 1 (L-R): William Sargent McGonagle, Dennis Paul Helmick, Craig Steven Sternberg, John C. Kouklis, James Robert Pair, Michael Doezie, Hon. Faith Ireland (Ret.), Bruce Clement Row 2 (L-R): Wayne L. Williams, Werner Boettcher, Gerald L. Coe, Joel Hathaway Paget, Charles Sheffield Burdell Jr., John Joseph Soltys, Everett Allen Holum, David W. Robinson Row 3 (L-R): Ronald Clarke Kinsey Jr., Gerald A. Smith, Gary Michael Cuillier, Curtis John Coyne, Edward W. Pettigrew, John Tony John, Donald Franklin (Guest), Matthew Ryan Kenney.
(Find the full list of 1970 50-year members below.)

“While I may not have been practicing law for 50 years, the one thing we all know is that change is a constant, in our society and in our profession,” Sciuchetti said. “But, one thing that I believe hasn’t changed is our commitment to maintaining a noble profession—one founded on serving the public—a profession we can remain proud of for many anniversaries to come.”

The graduating class of each year provides a snapshot of history and, over time, a window into the progress made in both the legal profession and society. This year marked the first time in several years that women lawyers were in attendance at the 50-year luncheon.

Special recognition was given to Justice Faith Ireland (Ret.), a 15-year superior court judge who later served as a Washington Supreme Court justice from 1999-2005; and Carole Coe-Hauskins, an administrator and chief labor negotiator for a public electrical utility who also provided legal services to federal prison inmates before going into private practice.

“The Bar has a rich history and you are all a part of that history. Looking back, one has to appreciate the founders of our great state Bar, and their vision for our profession in this state,” Sciuchetti said.



  • The Nasdaq stock exchange is founded in New York City.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously rules that busing of students can be ordered to achieve racial desegregation in schools.
  • The Pentagon Papers are published.


  • NASA’s Mariner 9 probe becomes the first spacecraft to orbit another planet (Mars). 
  • The controversial Stanford Prison Experiment is conducted by Stanford psychology professor Philip Zimbardo.
  • The first floppy disks, 8 inches in diameter, become commercially available. 


  • The television show All in the Family airs on CBS.
  • Marvin Gaye’s 11th album What’s Going On is released.
  • Legendary jazz musician Louis Armstrong dies at age 69. 
  • Walt Disney World opens in Florida.


  • The Evergreen State College opens in Olympia.
  • D.B. Cooper parachutes out of a skyjacked airplane over southwest Washington with $200,000 in ransom money.
  • Starbucks opens its first store.


  • The WSBA launches its statewide Lawyer Referral Service—the third of its kind in the nation—in an effort to “make legal services readily available to all.”
  • The WSBA Board of Governors approves a new Code of Professional Responsibility, which replaces the 50-year-old Canons of Ethics. 

. . .


Some honorees could not attend this year’s celebration and are therefore not pictured above. The full list of 50-year members in each class is shown below.

1970 Class

David Allen 

Steven Whitney Anderson 

Thomas Lennard Anderson 

J. Richard Aramburu

Edward McDuff Archibald 

Richard Michael Barney Jr. 

Donald Macneil Barton 

Stephen R. Black 

Robert Stewart Bock 

Thomas L. Boeder 

Werner Boettcher 

Richard Thurman Brothers 

Charles Sheffield Burdell Jr. 

Terrence A. Carroll 

Bruce Clement 

Gerald L. Coe 

Stephen Andrew Cohen 

John Gordon Cooper 

Robert E. Corlett 

Curtis John Coyne 

Gary Michael Cuillier 

Gregory Raymond Dallaire 

Robert R. Davis Jr.

David James DeLaittre 

Michael Doezie 

Edward Leonard Douglas Jr. 

Philip Wickstrand Dufford 

John Stephan Ebel 

Stephen Charles Ellis 

Stephen Kerr Eugster 

Stephen Michael Gaddis 

David L. Garrison 

William K. Goodwin 

David Douglass Gould 

Jeffrey Frank Hale 

William Leary Halpin 

Jerold W. Heller 

Stuart Alan Heller 

Dennis Paul Helmick 

John Kent Hoerster 

Everett Allen Holum 

Hon. Faith Ireland

Bartholomew George Irwin 

Dillon Edward Jackson 

Gary E. Jacobson 

John Tony John 

Hon. James Martin Johnson 

Matthew Ryan Kenney 

Glenn R. Kessel 

Jan Charles Kielpinski 

Ronald Clarke Kinsey Jr. 

John C. Kouklis 

Peter Stephen Lewicki 

Oscar Yale Lewis Jr. 

Roger B. Ley 

Donald L. Logerwell 

David James Manger 

George William Martin Jr. 

Robert Samuel McConnell 

Thomas Owen McElmeel 

William Sargent McGonagle 

Kent Millikan 

George Richard Morry 

David William Murdach 

James Austin Nelson 

Nicholas Newman 

G. Kenneth O’Mhuan 

David Harding Oswald 

Joel Hathaway Paget

James Robert Pair 

Darrel Lee Peeples 

Edward W. Pettigrew 

Harry Bill Platis 

Steven H. Pond 

David W. Robinson 

Carl Francis Roehl Jr. 

Charles F. Secrest 

Charles Laurence Senn 

Thomas Ernest Sheldon 

David M. ‘Mac’ Shelton 

David L. Shorett 

Marilyn Dean Sloan 

Gerald A. Smith 

John Joseph Soltys 

John Murray Steel 

Craig Steven Sternberg 

Jerry D. Talbott 

Hon. Michael Edward Taylor 

James Robert Uhlir 

Carleton Barnes Waldrop 

Robert John Walerius 

James Patrick Walsh 

M. Fred Weedon Jr. 

Robert Dean Welden

Gordon W. Wilcox 

Wayne L. Williams 

T. Reinhard G. ‘Ron’ Wolff 

Kirk Eugene Youngman

Jay Henry Zulauf

1971 Class

Alan Alhadeff 

John Aslin 

Samuel Ervin Baker Jr.

Hugh Frederick Bangasser 

William Vance Baumgartner 

Joel Benoliel 

Keith Mason Black 

Frederick Ross Boundy 

Patrick Leonard Brock 

Thomas Nelson Bucknell Jr.

Jack Ross Burns 

Ronald Ray Carpenter 

Jess Gregory Casey 

Charles Ron Chatburn 

Daniel N. Clark 

Carole V. Coe-Hauskins 

Dennis W. Cooper 

Michael Stewart Courtnage 

Larry Jerome Couture 

Gary Arnold Dahlke 

Joseph P. Dawson 

Ronald P. Douglas 

C. Scott East 

Paul D. Edmondson 

Douglas B. M. Ehlke 

Charles R. Ekberg 

Richard David Emery 

James Carl Falconer 

Harry Burt Fay III

Paul S. Fenton 

Ronald Alan Franz 

Alan Joel Gardner 

Robin R. Gaukroger 

Guy Myers Glenn 

Ernest D. Greco 

Thomas Huber Grimm 

Lawrence Burlison Hannah 

Arthur Washington Harrigan Jr.

Clayton Francis Harrington Jr.

William Edward Holt 

Mark Mason Hough 

Michael Louis Jacobs 

Michael E. Jones 

Anthony J. Karrat 

Frederick Allan Kaseburg 

Kenyon P. Kellogg Jr.

Hon. David Mark Kenworthy 

Alan R. Krebs 

Brian Jay Kremen 

Terry L. Kukuk 

Ronald Eugene Lee 

Larry Carl Leonardson

William Ralph Levinson 

Chi-Dooh Li 

Henry E. Lippek 

Lawrence Lee Longfelder 

Robert Hopkins Madden 

Gail G. Maurer 

William Ray McCann 

David Stuart McEachran 

Richard Leslie McKinney 

Robert Arthur McSorley 

Morgan J. Mercer 

Leonard Allen Miller 

Eugene Melvin Moen 

D. Bruce Morgan 

William Earle Morgan 

Charles Paul Nomellini 

Blair Frederick Paul 

Stevan David Phillips 

Dale W. Read Jr.

William D. Rives 

Ralph John Rodamaker 

David Wharry Schiffrin 

Michael Elliot Schwab 

Hon. Edward Francis Shea 

Karin Peterson Sheldon 

Paul Michael Silver 

Edward Robert Skone 

Thomas M. Smith 

Joe L. Snyder 

Alan Charles Stay 

Robert Inlow Stier 

James Jay Stonier 

Douglas Frank Strandberg 

Rex B. Stratton 

David B. Strong 

F. Lawrence Taylor Jr.

William W. Treverton 

William R. Trippett 

James Lawrence Varnell 

Karl Leslie Wadsack

Rodney Jay Waldbaum 

John Ingram Weston Jr.

Hon. Robert Hamilton Whaley 

Harlan Gordon Wilder 

Thomas Harding Wolfendale 

Joe R. Woolett