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News From Oregon

As the WSBA and its sub-entities become more political—maybe even too political—the recent decision in Crowe v. Oregon State Bar may wake up our leaders to take a more moderate tone, one that does not leave a court with no option but to make the WSBA voluntary. Maybe snowballs are beginning to melt in hell after all.

Inez Petersen, Enumclaw

Seeking New Legal Professionals

In collaboration with members from the Washington Young Lawyers Committee, Bar News is developing a new column in which experienced practitioners answer questions from those new to the practice of law. Submit your question to wabarnews@wsba.org or here: https://forms.gle/EppGqbiUU6XcE7vC8.

Member Responses Needed

Have you noticed any changes in the way that legal professionals and/or the practice of law are perceived by those outside the practice of law (e.g., clients, friends and family, the media) since you have been practicing and, if so, what are those changes? Send your response to wabarnews@wsba.org.