World Peace Through Law Section

SECTION SPOTLIGHT BY ANNE WATANABE Q. What is the most valuable benefit members get from joining your Section that they can’t get anywhere else?  World Peace Through Law provides Section members with frequent one-hour CLEs covering a wide range of topics related to human rights and peace worldwide. Because our members (as well as ourContinue reading “World Peace Through Law Section”

Nov. 2021 > Discipline & Other Regulatory Notices

THESE NOTICES OF THE IMPOSITION OF DISCIPLINARY SANCTIONS AND ACTIONS are published pursuant to Rule 3.5(c) of the Washington Supreme Court Rules for Enforcement of Lawyer Conduct. Active links to directory listings, RPC definitions, and documents related to the disciplinary matter can be found at the links below or by looking up the respondent inContinue reading “Nov. 2021 > Discipline & Other Regulatory Notices”

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