Winter 2021 Lawyer Bar Exam Pass List

Of the 209 candidates who took the Winter 2021 Lawyer Bar Exam, 132 candidates passed. Congratulations! The full pass list is below. A Al-Abdal, Ghdeer Edo Rsho • EverettAlonzo, Selena Catherine • Austin, TXAndrews, Brian Harold • Walla WallaAppleby, Liudmila Ottovna • GreenbankAppleyard, Robert Maurice • Kingston B Balagot, Darlene Ramos • Dededo, GUBierbrauer, AmandaContinue reading “Winter 2021 Lawyer Bar Exam Pass List”

June 2021 > Inbox

LET US HEAR FROM YOU! We welcome letters to the editor on issues presented in the magazine. The full letters to the editor policy is available at Email letters to . . . News From Oregon As the WSBA and its sub-entities become more political—maybe even too political—the recent decision in Crowe v.Continue reading “June 2021 > Inbox”

June 2021 > Discipline & Other Regulatory Notices

THESE NOTICES OF THE IMPOSITION OF DISCIPLINARY SANCTIONS AND ACTIONS are published pursuant to Rule 3.5(c) of the Washington Supreme Court Rules for Enforcement of Lawyer Conduct. Active links to directory listings, RPC definitions, and documents related to the disciplinary matter can be found by viewing the online version of Washington State Bar News atContinue reading “June 2021 > Discipline & Other Regulatory Notices”

2020 Snapshot > WSBA Discipline System Annual Report

Annually, the Washington State Bar Association publishes a report on Washington’s discipline system. This report summarizes the activities of the system’s constituents, including the Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC), the WSBA’s Office of General Counsel (OGC), the Disciplinary Board, hearing officers, and the Client Protection Fund. The report also provides statistical information about discipline forContinue reading “2020 Snapshot > WSBA Discipline System Annual Report”

President’s Corner > A Glimpse Into Our Future (and New Normal)

COLUMN > In April, I experienced for the first time what I had envisioned—and had been eagerly looking forward to—during my WSBA presidency: an in-person Board of Governors meeting. Now, to be sure, “in person” looked and felt much different than in the past but, for the first time in more than a year, a small group of us gathered in the same room to conduct the Bar’s business and to commune.

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